Friday, February 8, 2008


Well, I've finally got it working. The new site is still quite a work in progress, but, it is now officially my new home. Come visit, as I'm officially moved from this site. You can download tunes and comment and and register, all that great stuff. See you soon.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Be Good At Something

Well, it ain't remotely related to any form of electro, but it is amazing. I mean, who decides they want to be good at playing bayan? Or how bout clogging, curling, bedazzled tshirt making, or chia pet product development. Anyway... this guys is good. I mean real good. He's kind of a big deal. So enjoy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Roller Skating Jam called Wednesdays

Merry Christmas all.  Peace on earth and good will towards men.   Kind of a great saying, old fashion, but still important.  I know it's easy to forget, especially in this "get mine" world.  But, just a reminder from yours truly, Love Between Equals.  onward....

Another year is upon us, the end is actually in-sight. And what would the end of a year be with out Seb Love's fantastic Fun Factory All-skate party. A Roller Skating Jam called Wednesdays. I'm actually ashamed I've never been. But having heard the stories, and knowing a lot of the fun people that attend, I know in my heart of hearts, this will be a fun for all. And how could it not be? Especially since our disc-o-hosts are : PASE ROCK (SPANK-ROCK/DIM-MAK/5DEEZ/FULLYFITTED/MASS!/DIMID) (NYC/WORLD), ROSS ONE (FAVELA CHIC/MASS!/BUTTER/QCR/SET/STEREO) (MIAMI/NYC), SEB (YOUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR), DANNY WHITE (INDIE SLASH/ELECTRICITY).

The attraction takes place  tomorrow, Wednesday December 26th, from 9:30 pm to 12 am. And is, as always at the entirely apropos FUN FACTORY! located at 1631 Sherman Ave Norwood, Ohio. $8 gets you in to the dance, including your skate rental.

also, for you freaky late folks, the OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY is at The GYPSY HUT on Spring Grove & Dane in NORTHSIDE.  That, my friends is free.  Boobies!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Big Night

Well, as you may have heard, we here in Cincinnati are a pretty rowdy lot. We have our monthly, Juke, which dwarfs the vibes of all other parties in a three state area. You see, we take a 100 person capacity club, put more people than that in it, bring wicked party talent, and party down. Last Friday the place wigged out to Million $ Mano and Hollywood Holt (they murdered the joint!). Tonight, we dance. The Kleevage tour rolls through town tonight, tables blazing. The ever amazing Tittsworth returns with his equally amazing tour buddy, Klever. Sure to be a rocker. drop the 10 bucks for two amazing talents, it's always worth it, for Juke. Identity and I will be warming it up from 10 - it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Classic Thursdays

Armand Van Helden tore it up earlier this year with I Want Your Soul and Hustler (wicked remix too! brilliant.). With releases and hits spanning almost two decades, he's still to this day, on top of his game. Whether it be DJ sets, production, or remixing Armand continues to prove himself to be one of the true masters.

This is one of my favorite cuts of his from '97 that helped put him on the map.
Armand Van Helden - Ultrafunkula

From his album Sampleslaya: Enter The Meatmarket.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am a Blade Runner freak. If you are too, here is the best Blade Runner fan site out there. For those of you who know, or care it's been 25 years since this ground breaking film was made. Still one of Harrison Ford and Ridely Scott's best works, it's been a major influence and inspiration within electronic music world for years. So, why post about it here? How about, this is the only thing I want for Christmas, besides x-mas nookie. The 25th anniversary boxed edition of the movie comes out next week. You can read about it below... and all I can say is, "sweet!"

Due for re-release in December, this motion picture is one of the finest science fiction films of the 20th century. Part of this is because it projects a future that could be - the earth as a place with a ruined environment populated by people that couldn't or wouldn't make the jump to one of the more habitable off-world colonies. The other part is because the film questions what it means to be human, and explores the possibly unsatisfactory answers you might get if you could, like the replicants, hunt down your maker and ask him Why am I here? Why must my life end? I'll pretty much let Warner's press release do the talking from this point forward. Basically you have your choice of three different sets - 2-disc, 4-disc, and 5-disc. The discs are described as follows:

Disc 1 - Ridley Scott's All-New "Final Cut" Version of the film - Restored and remastered with added and extended scenes, added lines, new and cleaner special effects and all new 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio. Also included is commentary by Ridley Scott and a host of others that worked behind the camera.

Disc 2 - Documentary - Dangerous Days: Making of Blade Runner - A feature-length documentary about the film including viewpoints and insights from the cast and crew. Included are details on every stage of production of the film including special effects, casting, and even the film's literary roots and its place in the sci-fi genre.

Disc 3 - 1982 Theatrical Version - The original that contains Deckard's narration and has Deckard and Rachel's (Sean Young) "happy ending" escape scene.

1982 International Version - Also used on U.S. home video, laserdisc and cable releases up to 1992. This version is not rated, and contains some extended action scenes in contrast to the Theatrical Version.

1992 Director's Cut - Omits Deckard's voiceover narration and removes the "happy ending" finale. It adds the famous "unicorn" sequence, which is a vision that Deckard has which suggests that he is also a replicant.

Disc 4 - BONUS Disc "Enhancement Archive" - Eight featurettes, image galleries, radio interview with the author, and screen tests for the part of Rachel.

Disc 5 - Workprint Version - This rare version of the film is considered by some to be the most radically different of all the Blade Runner cuts. It has an altered opening scene, no Deckard narration until the final scenes, no "unicorn" sequence, no Deckard/Rachel "happy ending," altered lines between Rutger Hauer and his creator Tyrell (Joe Turkell), and alternate music.

Also included is commentary by Paul M. Sammon, author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner and a featurette - "All Our Variant Futures: From Workprint to Final Cut".

2 Disc Edition : Discs 1-2
4 Disc Edition : Discs 1-4
5 Disc Edition : Discs 1-5

All of the information on the features comes directly from a press release from Warner Home Video.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mo Murda' - Mano and Hollywood Holt

Mano and Hollywood Holt have been heavily making the rounds recently, and this Friday night the two party makers stop into Cincinnati for a visit. Clique Lounge is the spot where That Damn Kid (TDK), Nati Evolvement and Some Kids from Ohio (SKFO), are bringing us a serious one two punch from the duo. Mano, whose production has taken off as of recent, has some serious remix work under his belt. Remixing groups such as The Rapture and Modjo combined with the mic work of Holt they always leave a party sweatin'.

Seems like every one is dropping the Caked Up joint recently, and for good reason. It is killing the floor for sure. Here's a little work by Mano and Holt appropiately remixed by next months
Juke guest, Klever, just to give you an idea as to what's in store for you.

Hollywood Holt – Caked up (Klever Remix)